About Us

A Business Exists only as it is Perceived by Others

- Michael E. Gerber


Although we will love to hear more and more, about us, from you. At the same time, we will also love to share with you what we stand for as an organisation, so that your expectations are set right and you clearly know what you can expect from us:


Vision – What we want to be

To be the company that best understands business needs & goals and provide simple yet innovative Information Technology (IT) solutions in order to fulfill those needs & goals of businesses — globally. To provide technological wings to aspiration of Start-ups, Small and Medium Businesses.


Mission – Why do we exist

We exist to satisfy the essential needs, unconscious expectations, and perceived preferences of the four most important groups of people in this universe: 1. the people who work for us; 2. the people who buy from us, 3. the people who sell to us, 4. the people who lend to us: our employees, customers & partners, suppliers, and financial institutions.

- Adapted from E-Myth: Michael E. Gerber


Values – Our Beliefs

We strongly believe that our behavior define our success. Our values are no different than what is taught to kids since Kindergarten. We really mean it and display it in each of our deeds:

  • Listen
  • Integrity – Honesty & Truth
  • Respect every Individual
  • Promote Teamwork
  • Passionate about our work
  • Commitment to Innovation & Excellence
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Responsible towards our Community, Society, Nation & the Earth


Strategy – Roads ahead
  • Administer & manage Business Processes on behalf of Customer
  • Design, Implement, Extend, Integrate & Support wide range of Business/Enterprise Application like Workflow and Business Process Management (Joget, EBMS) – Customer Relationship Management (vTiger, Suite CRM, Zurmo, CiviCRM, Connect2Field) – Enterprise Resource Planning (OpenERP, ERPNext, project-open.org) – Document Management (OpenKM) – eCommerce and Shopping Cart (Prestashop, Spree, Drupal Commerce) – Business Intelligence (Spago BI, Pentaho, Zoho BI)
  • End-to-end services from pre-sales help & advice before you buy through to long term support
  • Grow Partner network across industry verticals & geography
  • Grow our team and increase passion quotient of our organisation
  • Provide technological support to Startups, Small & Medium businesses since the time of idea inception
  • Develop expertise in Social Media & Mobile


If you have read this page, please pour in your perception (good, better, best, improvement suggestions…….and also not so good perceptions) about us by leaving comments below or privately on our email. We promise to get back and offer you complimentary 8 hours of consulting/technical services as a gesture of gratitude towards your feedback.

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